Only few musician take you with them on their far journey like Naum Grubert does (…) – Biëlla Luttmer

-de Volkskrant

Grubert [...] is a man of rich, broad sound and deep contemplation

-de Volkskrant

The philosopher of the piano…

-Hamburger Abendblatt

Grubert’s lyricism is balanced with his power and intellect…

-The Times

Naum Grubert (1951) was born in Riga. His principal studies were with the famous professor Gutman in Moscow. He was a prize-winner in the Tchaikovsky Competition in 1978, after having won the 2nd prize at the International Piano Competition in Montreal the year before. He toured extensively the Soviet Union and other European countries before he emigrated from Russia and became a Dutch resident.

His many impressive recitals, as well as concerts with among many others the London Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Köln Philharmonic, the Tonkünstler Orchestra Vienna, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, the Helsinki Philharmonic, the Kirov Orchestra St. Petersburg, the Dutch Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rotterdam Orchestra, the Residential Orchestra, have earned him a reputation of superb musicianship:

“For all his virtuosity, he interprets the music as a philosopher or a thinker…”
Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung

“Grubert’s lyricism is balanced with his power and intellect”
The Times

He took part at the Lichfield Festival (Great Britain), the Cadaqués Festival (Spain) the Lockenhaus Festival (Austria) and the Gergiev Festival (Holland), among others. Naum Grubert has performed with conductors such as Paavo Berglund, Sergiu Commissiona, Jean Fournet, Horst Stein, Christopher Seaman, Vernon Handly, Matthias Bamert, Ernest Bour, Ed Spanjaard, Vassili Sinaiski, Thomas Sanderling, Valery Gergiev, Claus Peter Flor, Aldo Ceccato, Evgeny Svetlanov, Stanislav Skrovachevsky. His CD-recordings contain works of Schubert, Liszt , Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff, Schumann, Beethoven and Chopin.

Naum Grubert holds a professorships piano in Amsterdam Conservatory. Among his students are many prizewinners of national and international competitions.


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Beethoven Sonatas Op. 111, Op. 14/2, Op. 31/2 (‘Der Sturm’) Navis Classics

“Only few musician take you with them on their far journey like Naum Grubert does (…) You can listen to his interpretation of the Sonata [Beethoven Op. 111] time after time, without getting the feeling you’ve experienced it before. (…)” ★★★★
Biëlla Luttmer - de Volkskrant

"In Opus 111 Grubert immediately takes you along: ‘per aspera ad astra’(…). The second movement (…) gives me goose bumps and makes me realize this is simply great."
Theo Wubbolts - HVT

“These are pieces which are reasonably well-known but they become surprising due to Grubert’s vision; (…) a beautiful touch and some liberties which aren’t mannerisms.” ★★★★★
Paul Herreur- DvhN

"The new Beethoven CD of #NaumGrubert is what one would call an ear opener: unusually convincingly played."
Sandra Kooke - Trouw (tweet)

Only few musician take you with them on their far journey like Naum Grubert does (…) – Biëlla Luttmer

de Volkskrant

the instrument functions like an extension of his arm. Every sound that flows out of the piano , flows from him. Only the very great pianists are able to accomplish this [...] The way in which the instrument resonates under Grubert’s artistry, from a mysterious pianissimo to a thunderous yet never forced fortissimo shows pure artistry that is worth studying at a close distance[...] Grubert is an interpreter of unusual attraction: the expression of tragedy and powerful emotions is second nature for him[...] from beginning to end, virtuosity in service of music. A masterpiece played by the master himself.

The Hague Courant

His sound is large and warm-blooded staying remarkably clear in the loudest of forte passages. Few pianists nowadays exhibit such mastery over such an extensive pallet of dynamic colour. Even fewer know how to weave music coloration through their personal interpretation.[...]
Grubert’s interpretations are as intimate, personally configured as they are grand. Each phrase is felt and played with the immense feeling and intellectual understanding so essential for Beethoven. The restful simplicity in the opening measures of the Sonata in A flat Opus 110 was incredibly beautiful. The music was played with a beautiful depth that worked on a pure emotional level. Grubert set the two extraordinary modulations in the majestic opening movement in perfect contour. It was as if your heart skipped a beat as the modulations went by. [...]

De Telegraaf

Grubert [...] is a man of rich, broad sound and deep contemplation

de Volkskrant

For all his virtuosity, he interprets music as a philosopher or a thinker…

Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung

The philosopher of the piano…

Hamburger Abendblatt

Indeed, listening to the interpretations of this supremely poetic pianist, one thought of the philosopher Karl Jaspers’ definitions of existential communication…

NRC Handelsblad

Grubert’s lyricism is balanced with his power and intellect…

The Times

Naum Grubert possesses an original musical language and treads new paths even in such much-played masterpieces as Beethoven’s Op.110 and Chopin’s Sonata in B flat minor…


Naum Grubert’s playing of Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt displayed enthralling power, spiritual search, thoughtful individuality…

The Daily Telegraph
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